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Provider : Benefit Change


Important Provider Manual Bulletin
Georgia Medicaid Benefit Change: Effective March 1, 2014


Beginning March 1, 2014, WellCare of Georgia will cover routine dental and vision services for members age 21 and older.


Benefits Limits Georgia Families (Medicaid)
Dental Services (routine)  • Oral exams and cleanings - Every 6 months
• Bitewing X-ray - Annually
• Simple tooth extraction
• Referrals are not needed for primary and routing dental care
Vision Services (routine) • Eye exam - Annually
• Glasses - Annual $40 allowance for any frames


Members will be notified of these expanded benefit changes.


Questions about these changes should be directed to WellCare’s Provider Hotline. For contact information, please refer to the Quick Reference Guidepdf.


*This benefit change does not affect WellCare Medicare members. 

Last modified: 03/02/2015